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An army of patriot pastors who preach the whole counsel of God, and work together to mobilize their flocks to promote righteousness in local, state, and the Federal Government.

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Product / Service #2

America's Black Robe Regiment educates pastors about their legacy in the "Pulpit of the American Revolution," and the Church's biblical mandate as the salt of the Earth (i.e. "Curator") of the Civil Society, to steward its temporal sojourn and secure Liberty to Posterity.

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Product / Service #3

America's Black Robe Regiment partners with other patriot pastors and leaders across America to promote America's Third Great Awakening.

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The Black Robe Regiment is calling members of the clergy to join this growing movement of pastors who, having renounced the fear of man, preach the whole counsel of God, and teach the sacred duty of EVERY Christ-follower to vote in EVERY election. Our members are committed to preaching a minimum of one election sermon prior to every election and turning out their flocks to vote en masse at election time.

Join us for a Pastors Summit in the coming months, and learn why civic involvement by the Church is essential to the preservation of law and order in America.


Next Steps...

Tyranny seeks to divide and conquer, but no member of America's Black Robe Regiment fights alone. Please join us!