America's Black Robe Regiment

What’s in a name?

“Black Robe Regiment” was a British pejorative referring the black Geneva gown worn by the American clergy in the pulpit, and sarcastic acknowledgement of their preeminent role in the “monumental task of Independence.” The British despised the American clergy for their signal role in “the Rebellion,” and rightfully so, for there is not a word in the Declaration of Independence they had not sounded forth from American pulpits in the decades leading up to the American Revolution.

Join or Die!

Not since 1775 has God’s call on clergy to enter the battle for the soul of America, been stronger or more urgent than it is today. If you are sold out to “the whole counsel of God,” we welcome you. But if not, wait and consider the cost. Securing Liberty will require sacrifice and courage.

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How they Contributed

They preached the political ideology embodied in the Charters of Freedom for fifteen years culminating in the American Revolution, preached on battlefields, accompanied the men of their flocks in battle, prayed for and comforted the wounded, and some like Rev. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, traded the crozier for the sword.


National Jericho March – December 12, 2020

America is under attack. Our voices rang out on November 3rd, but the most corrupt forces in America and abroad and their conspirators in the media and big tech have tried to silence our voices and our vote. This is a defining moment in history and our country needs us now. We are at a crossroads: one path leads to a return to our founding Judeo-Christian principles, love of God, life, liberty, justice, law and order; the other path leads to socialism, globalism, destruction, a dismantling of our great nation as we know it. But the voices of Patriots and people of faith will not be silenced. America is a gift, entrusted to us by our creator and a Republic secured by our founding fathers and those who sacrifice to keep us free. Now, it is our moment to save our republic and protect our freedoms from the corrupt and destructive forces at work. The world is watching. Jericho was a city of false gods and corruption. On God’s command Joshua and the army of Israel marched around the city seven times and let out a loud shout, and God brought down the walls of the city and exposed the darkness. Our Jericho March was born of a vision from God. We the people peacefully march, pray, and protest for election integrity, transparency and reform, until the walls of this Jericho crumble down. We pray, march and protest to preserve free and fair elections in our great republic. For the sake of our generation and generations to come, we are calling on all American Patriots and people of faith to join us on our Jericho marches every day at noon at their state capitals. These marches will culminate on December 12th, with a “Let the Church Roar” National March on Washington DC, and regional marches in all the swing states. If you are deeply troubled by the fraud and corruption in this election and want to protect the future of a free America, then come and join us, stand for truth and justice. This is our Battle of Jericho for people of faith and Patriots from all across America. Join us December 12th in Washington DC, Atlanta Georgia, Carson City Nevada, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Lansing Michigan, Madison Wisconsin, and Phoenix Arizona. We believe in a great and powerful God who can move mountains, expose corruption, and restore justice. We believe in a God of miracles. Join this movement. Share. March. Pray. Donate. Hold the line and expect a miracle. For donations to support, click the pink donate button in the video.

Rev. Bill Cook at National Jericho March